Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR)

Liquid silicone rubber is best suited to life science applications because it features matchless inertness and bio compatibility, which should be considered when factoring in potential bacteria growth and alleviating contamination.

Silicone rubber is compatible with human beings and its mechanical properties are highly suitable for dynamic applications where accuracy, consistency and longevity are required.trelleborg-medical-devices
Features and benefits:

• LSR Center of Excellence in Switzerland
• Global LSR manufacturing footprint in Europe, North America and China
• ISO 13485, ISO9001 and ISO 14001 certified
• Product design centers globally
• State-of-the-art cleanrooms
• IS 8 (Class 100,000) Manufacturing
• ISO 7 (Class 10,000) Finishing, Washing and Packing

Products and processes:
• High precision and miniature silicone parts
• State-of-the-art 2K/ 2-shot LSR parts
• Complex shapes, thin sections, parts with undercuts
• Low to high volume production, 100 to 100 million pieces
• High product purity and cleanliness from fully closed loop
automated production
• Elimination of secondary parts handling operations through
sophisticated robot technology
• High precision tool design and manufacture
• Wasteless and flashless designs

Markets Served:
• Life sciences
• Baby care
• Food & beverage
• Sanitary industry
• Appliances

LSR Injection Molding is ideal for:
• High precision requirements
• Complicated geometrical features
• Thin wall thicknesses (as low as 0.10mm / .004 inch)
• Extremely high volumes
• Fully automated production to ensure maximum process control and consistency of product
• Parts tolerating little to no flash
• Miniature components

Silicone (VMQ) - General Characteristics:
• Food-safe, clean and transparent
• Hardness of Shore A 10 to 80
• Good thermal stability
• Excellent resistance to weather, ozone and UVrays
• Excellent electric insulation properties
• Bio compatibility: USP Class VI, ISO 10993
• Withstand sterilization by: γ-radiation, steam, ethylene oxide (EtO)
•Neutral in taste and smell