Interface Electronics

The interface electronics from HEIDENHAIN adapt the encoder signals to the interface of the subsequent electronics. They are used when the subsequent electronics cannot directly process the output signals from HEIDENHAIN encoders, or if additional interpolation of the signals is necessary.

Input signals of the interface electronics
Interface electronics from HEIDENHAIN can be connected to incremental encoders with sinusoidal signals of 1 VPP (voltage signals) or 11 µAPP (current signals). The IK 220 PC expansion board can also process EnDat and SSI.

Output signals of the interface electronics

Interface electronics with the following interfaces to the subsequent electronics are available:

  • TTL square-wave pulse trains
  • EnDat 2.2
  • Fanuc Serial Interface
  • Mitsubishi High Speed Serial Interface
  • PCI-Bus

Interpolation of the sinusoidal input signals
In addition to being converted, the sinusoidal encoder signals are also interpolated in the interface electronics. This results in finer measuring steps, leading to an increased positioning accuracy and higher control quality.

Formation of a position value
Some interface electronics have an integrated counting function. Starting from the last reference point set, an absolute position value is formed when the reference mark is traversed, and is output to the subsequent electronics.