♦ Leine and Linde CHI703 Encoder


CHI703 EncoderLEINE and LINDE just released their latest drive encoder, the CHI 703. This new addition complements their already broad assortment of encoders.

Design features include:

  • Extremely low profile for direct mounting onto the motor shaft
  • Hollow shafts available in both inch and metric dimensions up to 1" / 25 mm
  • Dual set of heavy duty bearings for harsh environments
  • Electrical interfaces include
    • 1Vpp
    • HC HTL
    • HTL
    • RS422
    • TTL

In keeping with the LEINE and LINDE tradition of robust and heavy duty encoders the CHI 703 separates itself from the competition!

The physical appearance alone says it all!

With thousands of competitive solutions in the market place the possibilities are endless. This includes motor feedback for printing, robotics, web process, construction cranes and oil and gas exploration.